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About Eat Well Get Well 

Our award-winning Eat Well Get Well programme is empowering people with Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) to take control of their health and embark on a journey towards complete remission or reduction in medication, accompanied by significant improvements in overall health and well-being.


Since 2020, we have been delivering NHS-funded community-based nutrition and lifestyle education programmes for neighbourhoods across south and central Manchester, especially tailored for adults with metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, and established Type 2 diabetes, our initiative combines a person-centred medical model with behavioural and cultural change strategies, which aim to develop sustainable transformations in the communities we serve.

The Eat Well Get Well programme marks a departure from traditional, limited, and ineffective single-point solutions. Instead, it presents a dynamic, community-based adaptive and integrated health approach. We co-design each programme directly with participants in our groups, aligning with the realities of their daily lives.


In this way Eat Well work fosters individual capacity building and collective capabilities through responsive community peer-support networks. 

An important part of our programme is supporting people to discover their own abilities to make healthy sustainable changes. We provide them with evidence-based information, practical tools, support, and data to make informed and culturally appropriate decisions about their health. With a strong focus on achieving drug-free remission for Type 2 diabetes, participants receive the necessary guidance to manage their condition effectively. Our work is paving the way for sustainable lifestyle changes that can lead to significant health improvements and a higher quality of life.

In addition to its core objectives, the Eat Well Get Well programme is developing the following services 

  1. Identifying, Developing, and Supporting Community Champions: The programme collaborates with local community groups to identify and nurture community champions, who play a vital role in disseminating the program's principles and driving positive changes. 

  2. Training for Primary Care Teams: Comprehensive training in the low carb real food approach, equipping them to provide various levels of support to patients. This includes brief interventions and information provision for motivated patients seeking to make positive changes, as well as structured, long-term support within patient groups. 

About the Manchester Eat Well Get Well Programme (in brief)

The Manchester Eat Well Get Well programme is a local initiative inspired by the work of Dr David Unwin and the Public Health Collaboration that empowers individuals with Type 2 diabetes to achieve remission or reduce medication through dietary and lifestyle changes.  

Using a community-focused approach, the programme collaborates with participants, their families, and local communities to foster sustained improvements in health and well-being. By combining medical expertise with behavioural strategies, the programme aims to revolutionise Type 2 diabetes management and support patients on their journey to optimal health. 

Meet the team

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