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Helping you to transform your health

Eat Well Get Well is a community interest company which officially launched in February 2022 although our team has been working in the field of health and nutrition for many years before this. 


Our mission is to support people who want to improve their health through a better understanding of nutrition and healthy living. We run community-based programmes which offer an NHS-approved low carbohydrate approach to help people with Type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome means that you have three of the following five symptoms: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, large waist, unhealthy levels of blood fats.


This way of eating can help prevent the onset of diabetes, or enable people who already have this condition to reverse it or put it into remission. We also educate and support people to make healthy lifestyle changes such as improving sleep, reducing stress and increasing physical activity.

In weekly or fortnightly sessions, we offer you a mix of clear, up-to-date and evidence-based information about Type 2 diabetes and how to manage this condition better through nutrition and lifestyle improvements. At each session we include cook and taste activities where you can sample the kind of simple, real food, low carbohydrate meals we recommend; and we also provide ingredient packs for you to take home and try out the recipes for yourself. 


Participants have managed to reduce their medication and experienced other health improvements such as weight loss, more energy and better sleep. Some people have even put their diabetes into remission.

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