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Our group programmes

Our group programmes take place in local accessible community venues with a professional kitchen. They take the form of eight weekly or fortnightly sessions where we do a mix of nutrition and lifestyle education and practical cooking and food tips, including tasting sessions and provision of ingredients to take home. A Whatsapp group set up for each programme will help you stay in touch between sessions with the group tutors and each other, keep on track and motivated and get your questions answered.

How the programmes work

At each weekly session, we cover a topic about food, health and nutrition in an accessible and engaging way. These include an explanation of what Type 2 diabetes is, how you can adopt a real food low carb way of eating, with menus and meal plans, the importance of healthy fats and proteins, improving your gut health, how to do intermittent fasting safely.

Our programmes offer practical examples and tasters of real food low carbohydrate meals including demonstrations of preparation and cooking. As part of your transition to this new way of eating, we help you explore tasty alternatives to rice, pasta and bread including flatbread and naan. We also give you ingredient packs of some of these foods to take home and try out for yourself.

At each weekly sesssion we also cover aspects of healthy living such as managing stress, getting a good night's sleep, exercises, do you need to count calories, motivation to achieve health goals.

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